7. E Vowel and the Flowing Energy of Mitu-tai


Photo by Okunomichi



Mitu-tai is shown here. It is the basic shape for the vowel sound  e.  Mitu makes us think of mizu, water. Yet it means much more. The mitu-tai is clearly a process of flowing motion from top to bottom. The top of the shape is energy which is light, like vapor, mist, dew, or cloud. The vapor gradually becomes drops of water which come down, water flows on the ground and is sucked into the earth. As it moves, water gathers more and more quantity, from high to low places, and finally flows into the sea.

Mitu and Hotuma Tutae lines 2610-2613


The next figure shows how the word mi-tu is spelled out in Wosite.  It is made up of the  m  consonant with kase-tai vowel i  plus the  t  consonant with ho-tai vowel  u

The lines from Hotuma Tutae tell us about  mitu.  They read:

tuki no mitu     kutaseru tuyu ha     kawa no mitu     utuho ukure ha     kumo to nari     ti-ayumi nohoru     hani no iki

This is clearly a description of the water cycle where water comes down as dew and rain into rivers which then evaporate to form clouds and the cycle repeats.


Constellation Eridanus The River, by Johann Bayer, 1661