1.1 References and Resources

Update: A revised list of references and Resources is posted in February 2019 Archives.

Here are some sources for the Western Wosite researcher. Admittedly, English language books are scarce, as are Internet web sites. Do not be discouraged as we are here to supply important information in English.


The first modern books on Wosite were written (in Japanese) by Yoshinosuke Matsumoto after he had studied the Hotsuma Tsutae for thirty years. Two books appeared in English. 


1.  Mitsuru Ikeda, The World of the Hotsuma Legends, Japan Translation Center, 1996

2.  Yoshinosuke Matsumoto, The Hotsuma Legends: Paths of the Ancestors, Japan Translation Center, 1999


Numerous books in Japanese have been published by Mitsuru Ikeda. Of particular value is this two-volume work offering all the extant Woshite literature, in Woshite with footnotes,

3.  記紀原書ヲシテ 上巻―『ホツマツタヱ』『ミカサフミ』『フトマニ』のすべて,  Ki-ki gensho Woshite: Hotsuma Tsutae, Mikasafumi, Futomani  (two volumes), Woshite Original Documents for Ki-Ki (Kojiki and Nihon Shoki):  Hotsuma Tsutae, Mikasafumi, Futomani

池田 満  (著)  Ikeda Mitsuru (author), Tankobon (publisher) 2006


More recently, books by Wosite researchers Aoki, Hiraoka, and Shiba have appeared, also in Japanese. Wosite research and this site draw heavily from these two books:

4.「よみがえる日本語 −−ことばのみなもとヲシテ」

Yomigaeru Nihongo — Kotoba no minamoto Woshite,  Revival of Japanese Language – Woshite Origin of Language

青木 純雄・平岡 憲人 (著), 池田 満 (監修),   Aoki Sumio and Hiraoka Norito (authors), Ikeda Mitsuru (supervision)

明治書院 Meiji Shoin Publishing House, 2009    

5.  よみがえる日本語II: 助詞のみなもと「ヲシテ」

Yomigaeru Nihongo II:  Joshi no minamoto Woshite,  Revival of Japanese Language II: Woshite Source of Particles

青木 純雄 (著), 斯波 克幸 (著), 池田 満 (監修),  Aoki Sumio and Shiba Katsuyuki (authors), Ikeda Mitsuru (supervision)

明治書院 Meiji Shoin Publishing House, 2015

Internet Sources

Chapters of the Hotsuma Tsutae can be read on the English language site of the Japan Translation Center,

The Wosite website of Beace is tremendously informative, if you can read Japanese or have it translated for you,

Our sister blogsite, https://okunomichi.wordpress.com/ has carried posts on Woshite which can be found by searching on this word. These were earlier posts that were translated from various Japanese language sources to the best of our ability at that time. We have since had the honor and the privilege to study with Wosite researchers and have produced this site devoted to Wosite research.

Online Japanese-English dictionary

If you have a digital text in Japanese, you can copy and paste it into this dictionary: http://jisho.org/.  “Enter any Japanese text or English word in the search box and Jisho will search a myriad of data for you.”

We hope that this Woshite World site now makes Wosite research more accessible to English language readers.