Awanouta. Part 3. Awa no Kuni

Verse 660 Wosiyure ha

Verse 660 is shown here in Wosite and in romaji in this chart by S. Sakata. It tells how the Awanouta clarified the speech of the people and the area was named Awa no Kuni.

wosiyure ha 630- (1) NEW


wosiyu /  teach.  nekoye /  vocal sound.  totonoyi te / correct and clear (words).

Interpretation of Verse 660

The verse is saying:

Teaching     the vocal sound of the song

opens the way.     The speech of the people

clears.     The name of the area

becomes Awa no kuni.

This verse stresses that singing together is important and it unifies the minds of the people. This was key to the community method of growing rice. The Awanouta, with its long and distinct syllables, clarifies speech and language. It therefore helps people of the area to communicate better with each other. In such a way, a country is born.

The two kami went throughout the land and sang together the Awanouta, a song of the cosmos. Theirs was a ceremony in which Isanagi the male went to the left, and Isanami the female went to the right. In this way, Isanagi and Isanami unified the people and gave birth to their country (kuni-umi), and named it Awa no Kuni, Land of Awa.