Hutomani. Part 2. Ahara Waka

Motoake Ahara En.

Here is an example of one of the 128 waka, the ahara (a-ha-ra) in the Hutomani anthology. In the above chart, it is the triplet of Anami 1 with Misohu pair (2) and it is outlined in red. This beautiful chart by S. Sakata was created especially for this article.

a no hara ha       kami no atumaru

hito no hara        situku ni waza no

miti zo umi keru


a-no-hara /amanohara /cosmic field where cosmic kami gather.  hito no hara /miya / the place where human kami leaders gather, the central figure being the Amakami.  atumaru / to gather.  kami /a human who possesses great ability and has earned high respect; also kami is a powerful cosmic force of nature.  situku /a beneficial dew of rain or light, flash of energy.  waza /technology, methods, law, ability.  miti / way, law.  umi / born, produced.

The Ahara verse

A-no-hara where cosmic kami gather,

and hito-no-hara where human kami gather,

receive beneficial drops of rain and a flash of energy.

Thus a way is born.

The way, of course, is the solution to a perplexing problem faced by the people. The way is also in harmony with the laws of Cosmos. This waka suggests a deep connection between the Takamanohara of the Cosmos and that on the earth.The human kami leaders gather at hito-no-hara on earth with the Amakami leader as do powerful cosmic kami who gather at A-no-hara cosmic place. The abilities of the people are increased with the benefits of rain and light from the sky.