Wosite was Deliberately Erased. 4. Summary


We have presented selections from three blogs from Julian Way,

Part 1   http://julian.way-nifty.com/woshite/2013/12/post-80ce.html

Part 2   http://julian.way-nifty.com/woshite/2013/12/post-ee59.html

Part 3   http://julian.way-nifty.com/woshite/2013/12/post-83cc.html

Here is our summary of the main points from our three previous posts on the erasure of Wosite. There are supporting facts in each post. 

  1. Wosite of the indigenous people did not simply disappear, it was intentionally erased.
  2. It was done for political purposes. People came into power with continental interests.
  3. Chinese writing, kanji, was imported and promulgated as the national writing. Only the elite could read and write kanji, thus power was held by a few.
  4. The fledgling nation of Nihon wanted to appear solid against possible threat, and decided to re-write its history.
  5. “Kami no Michi” was the wisdom of life that our ancestors conveyed.
  6. Kami no Michi was replaced by god-like kami. Religion was introduced, with doctrines, believers, missionaries.
  7. Wosite was eradicated, Wosite literature suppressed.
  8. A nation lost its original writing, its true history.
  9. Wosite is easy to learn to read. It is accessible to all, even young children.
  10. Read the Wosite literature. Learn the true history.

We encourage you to learn to read Wosite and to read the original literature in the Wosite script. Even if you do not read kanji, you will be able to read the Wosite literature. You may need help in understanding it clearly, however. Our intention is to fulfill that need.