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Hotsuma Tsutae Aya One: “tati maiya” by Waniko


tati maiya         mihuyu kami oki              Standing up;  when 3 years old hair-cutting ceremony hatuhi-moti         Awa no uya ma hi              New Year’s day mochi, gave respect to Awa momo…

Source: Hotsuma Tsutae Aya One: “tati maiya” by Waniko

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Wosite and the Egyptian Book of the Dead

 Stars fade like memory the instant before dawn. Low in the east the sun appears, golden as an opening eye. That which can be named must exist. That which is named can be written. That which is written shall be remembered. That which is remembered lives.

We present a quote from the Egyptian Book of the Dead which we found in the book, The Message of the Sphinx, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, 1996, p 272. It is attributed to Normandi Ellis’ translation of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, Phanes Press, 1988, p. 43 which is drawn from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Papyrus of Ani, Chapter XV.

Although the referent is the remembering of Osiris, does this not also apply to Wosite?