Understanding Motoake Creation of Universe

Motoake Cosmology

Motoake is the Wosite description of how Universe is created. Motoake literally means “opening of origin”, i.e., creation of Universe. Amoto is a synonym that also refers specifically to the “place” where resides Amemiwoya, the Great Source of All.

Emptiness of Amemiwoya

Amemiwoya is the Quantum Void-Plenum which is the source of all in Universe according to quantum physicists. Buddhists call it Ku or Mu or Emptiness which is “not nothing.” It is the Tao which cannot be named or described.

Motoake Chart Explained

The profound and beautiful Motoake chart was designed by the sage Toyoke-kami to explain how Universe is created, from the cosmology he learned in sacred teachings from his ancestors. Universe is created by cosmic energies of vibration called Kami. Some vibrations can be heard by the human ear, and some can be sounded by the human voice. All vibrations are sacred. This is the basic premise of Kototama, Sacred Sound.

Amoto of the Amemiwoya

The charts in this post were especially created by Ms Sakata Shoko for this site. We colored the central circle in the chart on the left to show Amoto clearly. The three special Wosite characters represent Amemiwoya. The upper spiral which opens counter-clockwise is the   symbol of Ame, Cosmos. The other spiral which opens clock-wise is the  Wa  symbol of Wa, Earth. In the very center, U symbolizes the birth (umu) produced by Amemiwoya. The three Wosite characters A-U-Wa in the Amoto are a symbol, a family crest so to speak, of Amemiwoya. This is a most sacred space.

Akuta-kami of Time and Space

The eight Wosite syllables in the innermost ring are the names of the eight Akuta-kamiTo, Ho Ka, Mi, Ye, Hi, Ta, Me. These are their names as well as their pronunciations. The Akuta have special important functions having to do with space and time. This is described in other posts.

Anami-kami of Language and Speech

Next, we turn our attention to the Motoake chart with two colors. There are eight kami in the second ring; they are called Anami-kami. Anami-kami are in charge of the syllables A, I, Hu, He, Mo, Wo, Su, Si (the characters in the pink ring). Anami-kami are Kami that bring down cosmic vibrations to control the formation of the human bodyThey also control the Wosite language through the Awanouta.

Thirty-two Misohu-kami for the Human Body

How is the human body formed? In response to the Anami-kami, thirty-two Misohu-kami are reverberations of voice that produce human mime-katachi (human appearance and constitution of the body). They are shown colored yellow in the outer two rings of the chart. Misohu literally means thirty-two.

The Sacred Forty-Eight Kami of the Wosite Language

Because there are eight kami in each of the first two rings and sixteen in each of the next two rings, there are a total of forty-eight kami represented by the forty-eight Wosite characters for the forty-eight syllables of Wosite. The kami origin of human language and speech is the basis of the sacredness of the words we use.



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