Achi Jinja and the Solar Calendar of Achihiko Omoikane

On November 20, 2019, Kayo Watari visited Achi Jinja in southern Nagano prefecture. We mentioned Achi Jinja as the final resting place of the solar calendar creator, Achihiko Omoikane. Kayo found both the Maemiya, the “front shrine,” and the Motomiya, the “original shrine,” and she graciously shared these rare photos with us. Motomiya The Motomiya […]

Achihiko Omoikane, the First Hiyomi-no-miya

Togakushi Jinja Achihiko Omoikane is enshrined as Omoikane at the Chu-sha of the famed Togakushi Jinja in Nagano-ken. Togakushi Jinja commemorates the myth of the Amanoiwato cave which was opened by Tajikarao. Omoikane is described as the kami who organized the kagura dance by Amanouzume. Tajikarao, Omoikane’s first son, is enshrined at the Oku-sha of […]

Megalithic Calendar System

The Kanayama Megalith Research Center led by Yoshiki Kobayashi and Shiho Tokuda are investigating a possible system of megaliths created by Jomon people for the determination of an observational solar calendar. The area they are exploring is to the south-east of the Kanayama Megaliths in the southern part of Gifu prefecture. In a two-part series, […]