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Three Years of WositeWorld

To our Dear Readers from all around the world:

We have been sharing with you, for three years, on the pages of WoshiteWorld, knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Wosite civilization of the Jomon period.

+ We learned to write and read the written characters of Wosite, and now we can read Wosite literature (albeit with assistance).

+ We are trying to understand what the characters express in terms of symbolizing energies and their processes in how they create Universe and everything. Wosite names contain deep meanings which we discern by analysis.

+ As we read Wosite documents, we meet outstanding people who contributed greatly to society. When we learn of what they could do and how they did it with grace and competence, we are inspired to emulate them in our own ways and in our own time.

+ We realize that we moderns do not have to live in compartmentalized ways. We don’t have to discriminate by nationality, language, religion, physical appearance. We don’t have to separate science from spirit. We don’t have to compete, and instead we can cooperate. In our decision-making, our objective is not only of benefit to ourselves but for others as well.

  • We feel inspired to create a new Taka-ama-hara, Earth as a place where Law of Universe is followed. We affirm that we can and we will live in peaceful harmony.

An Invitation to our Readers

We are enjoying communicating the wisdom of Wosite to all of you. Thank you for joining our global community.

Now, we invite you to convey your own wisdom as well as heart-felt questions to those who are fellow travellers along the Seeker’s Path, the Miti of Wosite. 

Amenaru-Miti in Daily Life

A reader of WoshiteWorld has asked for advice on how to apply Amenaru-Miti and other Wosite teachings to our own daily lives. We profess that we are primarily researchers and conveyors of knowledge and wisdom, and we are sincerely trying to apply the lessons learned to our own lives. We are not teachers of rules of religion or of a moral code. We believe that it is up to you to decide how you behave. So we do not presume to have any instructions for you. Let Nature and Universe teach you.

All that being said, we have gathered together a list of possible actions that you can take. It is up to you.

+ Observe Nature: the land, sky, ocean, mountains, rivers, plants and animal life and how they change over the seasons.

+ Contemplate what the changing seasons and the cycle of life is teaching you.

+ Extend your contemplation to Universe in all its glory. Whether scientists or not, we have learned that Universe operates according to certain laws. What are these laws? How do they affect us in our decision-making?

+ Consider:  What are laws of humanity? Why are we here? How can we be contributing members of not only human society but of Universe as well?

+ Think of the values of highly evolved people we have encountered in WoshiteWorld. How did they demonstrate their mastery of values? How did they achieve mastery? How can we?

+ What values do you live by, and how do you activate them?

Let’s share with the WoshiteWorld global community!



Third Anniversary of WoshiteWorld

Motoake Chart created by Toyoke no Kami
to teach creation of world


Wosite character for “To”, To no Wosite teaching document


WoshiteWorld has been posting for three years, since 2016.01.01. From a small beginning, we have begun to reach out to thousands of you visitors in 86 countries around the world.

Thank you for coming, thank you for staying with us, and learning about this great Treasure called Wosite. 

We would like to hear from you about your own interest in Wosite. How is it related to other matters in your home country? Please share your thoughts with us!


We are happy to announce that a Wosite book — in English! — is actively in preparation. We realize that it may be difficult to learn Wosite reading and writing by just by studying this blog. Perhaps a copy of lessons and texts and photos in your hands will be better. We hope that the book will teach what you want to know, and in an easier way! Please let us know what you hope to find in the book.

Hinumani Jinja, enshrinement of Toyoke no Kami
Excerpt from Mikasahumi, one of the Three Sacred Treasures

Wakanoura Bay, Wakayama, where Wakahime loved to visit


We are concerned that this treasure trove of Wosite learning be preserved and promoted. This collection of WoshiteWorld studies — in English — is unique. There is no other documentation like it.

We are soliciting your support and suggestions. Please use the Reply link at the top of recent posts. We are grateful for your participation!

Isanagi’s burial place, Izanagi Jingu

Isanami’s burial place, Hibayama Jinja



About Woshite World

This Woshite World site is about research on “Woshite”, an ancient Japanese writing system. Over a long, long period, Woshite had been forgotten. Yoshinosuke Matsumoto rediscovered it in 1966. Then Mitsuru Ikeda took over the study of Woshite from Matsumoto. He showed by rigorous comparative study that “Woshite literature” is older than “Nihon-shoki” and “Kojiki”, which are conventionally recognized as old literature. Thus it has been proven that, of these three, Woshite is the existing oldest literature of Japan.

Ikeda founded the Japan Woshite Institute together with other young researchers. Even now in the group, deep active research continues. Archaeological investigation of Jomon ruins has been found to have links with the Woshite world.

It has been confirmed that Woshite characters are visually a clarification, an etymology and a Japanese grammar.  A lot of old words have continued from the Woshite era to modern Japanese.

Japan’s ancient history, philosophy, physics, world view, teachings, and many other aspects have been found in Woshite study. They teach us much about the spirit of the old Japanese and lead us to understand the natural way in which it formed and developed.

This “Woshite World” site reports on the latest research of the Japan Woshite Institute, and it will be provided to English readers in a timely manner.

Special Acknowledgement 

Shoko Sakata is a researcher at the Japan Woshite Institute. Woshite World is deeply indebted to Ms. Sakata for her cooperation and participation as advisor as well as instructor of Wosite research. Except for several charts from the Yomigaeru book of Aoki and Hiraoka, all other charts were made by Ms. Sakata. Almost all of the Woshite research reported herein is due to Ms. Sakata. This blogsite would not be possible without her daily interaction and interest.

We appreciate your interest and we are certain that you will learn many fascinating matters here about the language and culture of ancient Japan.

To begin, please use the link below to return to Welcome to Woshite World,

and follow the directions there.

Photo:  Bamboo forest in Arashiyama, by Okunomichi.