Welcome to Woshite World!

Art by Sakata Shoko


Welcome to the World of Woshite!

We welcome you to the world of Woshite. The world of Woshite existed three thousand and more years ago, on earth in the land of Awa-no-kuni. The world of Woshite exists even now in the hearts and minds of those who study and practice Woshite.

Amenaru Miti.  In the ideal world of Woshite, there is no separation by religion. There is only unity. There is a single way of life, Amenaru Miti. To live the way of Ama Universe is to harmonize with the Amenaru Miti: the Laws of Ama, the Laws of Universe.

A state of peace naturally prevails. When disturbances arise, the people turn to Ama for inspiration and decision-making in harmony with Nature and Universe.

In the world of Woshite, the concept of “heaven” does not appear. When people are in tune with Nature, they do not need to invent “heaven”.

Kami.  Similarly, there are no “gods”. There are people called “kami”. That word is often mistakenly translated as “gods” by others. We know kami to be real people who have attained a state of high consciousness of heart, mind, and behavior. A kami receives this title by consensus of the people that this person serves. Another type of kami is a great unseen Spirit such as Amemiwoya, or a powerful force of nature such as the sun. 

In the Woshite world, Spirit prevails. The people of Woshite knew that all life and all of the world comes from Spirit, Source of pure energy. It is the moving energy (vibration) that creates everything.

The wise people of the past knew about the vibrant Unseen World of energy long before today’s quantum physicists and string theorists.

The Study of Woshite Script

There is growing interest in documents written in the ancient Woshite script. This phenomenon occurs not only in its native land of Japan, but also in English-speaking countries and elsewhere. As a Russian site points out, Woshite may be useful as an international writing system.

What is Woshite?  Woshite is a systematic, analytically designed system conveying profound physical and philosophical principles.

Reading Woshite literature, we are led to a time in the distant past when people lived in harmony with each other, with nature, and with the rest of the universe.

Such a world is also timeless, and is accessible to us today and in the future.

Woshite text is composed in lines of five and seven syllables. Five and seven form the rhythm of Earth and Cosmos.

Reciting Woshite text out loud, especially the Awa-no-uta, is said to enhance communication between people and has health benefits as well.

For these reasons — or simply for the joy of it — we encourage you to learn to read Woshite and read the texts in the original. We will guide you.

Welcome to Woshite World!

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