Welcome to Woshite World!

December 23, 2021 Update

Winter greetings and Happy New Year! The winter solstice arrived two days ago, and the sun is returning to the Northern Hemisphere. Along with the Jōmon people of Wosite Japan and other indigenous people all around the world, we celebrate the new year.

In the last year, Okunomichi has experienced new insights of the wisdom of Wosite. Especially the realization that Wosite is a profound practice of Kototama sacred sound. There are ways in which to incorporate Kototama exercises into our daily lives. We connect with the universe and with each other through sacred sound.

We are sharing our discoveries with you starting with the new page, Sacred Sounds of Wosite. Please click the link above or to the left.

There are many posts we have published over the more than five years. Take your time in exploring WoshiteWorld.

Motoake Chart: Art by Sakata Shoko

Welcome to WoshiteWorld!

October 19, 2021 Update

Dear Friends of WoshiteWorld:

Welcome back! We have just launched our companion website,  https://wositewisdom.net/ for Westerners who are not familiar with the Japanese language or culture. Furthermore, WositeWisdom connects with fellow travelers on Amenaru-miti, Way of Universe, the path to Sacred Wisdom. 

Wosite as the Culture of the Jōmon Period

Our ongoing research and connectivity with native wisdom keepers and spiritual network of the Way of Universe leads us to address the larger context of the Jōmon Period. Indigenous people like the Jōmon walked the Way of Universe. The Jōmon Period in prehistoric Japan is known and admired for the 12,000-year period of peaceful life. How did they accomplish this, while continuing to innovate skills of improving their lifestyle in science, technology, and philosophy?

It is clear that Wosite as the record of an indigenous society has much to teach the modern world.

Wosite Study and Practice

For those of you who want to study Wosite literature for yourself, please see the suggestions in the August 2021 update below.

For those of you who want to apply Wosite wisdom to daily life and practice, please visit the new WositeWisdom.net.  

Reciting the Awanouta and other passages from the Wosite literature connects us to the spirit of the ancestors and to the Universe. This holds no matter what your personal genetics or place of your biological ancestors. 

The practice of Kototama energy of speech is an integral part of the way of Reiki, Aikido, and Wosite. How are we to understand this Kototama energy? Wosite provides the answer through the conceptual design of the spoken and written language. The clues are in the posts of this very blogsite. We will write new articles further explaining this.

Let’s Connect

We welcome your comments at our email:  WoshiteWorld@gmail.com. 

Do introduce yourselves and how you come to be reading this site. 

Who is Okunomichi?

Your host at WoshiteWorld and at WositeWisdom is known as Okunomichi. This name was inspired by the title of Matsuo Basho’s haiku travelogue, Oku no Hosomichi. The key words of Okunomichi are michi, path; oku, deep within or far beyond. It also means michinoku, a Wosite term. Michinoku has a double meaning. The first is obvious; the other is esoteric. Michinoku refers to the secret teachings of Wosite wisdom as taught by Kunitokotati and Toyoke-no-kami to Amateru. 

Okunomichi is the pen name of Dr. Harriet H. Natsuyama, an American scientist of Japanese descent, who has published her technical research results in six mathematical books and over 200 journal papers. She is now devoting her attention to the promotion of global harmony through the practice of Sacred Wisdom as compassion in everyday life. 

Welcome to the World of Wosite and Sacred Wisdom. 


August 2021

Dear Readers of WoshiteWorld:

How are you faring? Another year has elapsed, and we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that you are staying safe and using this time to learn, to contemplate, and to grow in wisdom. The world needs us. 

We have been continuing our Wosite studies and sharing our understanding with others via online meetings. Our approach has shifted somewhat, from an academic study of the Wosite language and literature to showcasing the significance of Wosite in today’s uncertain world. 

We see that Wosite, like other indigenous cultures, has guidance from ancestors to deal with current situations. 

We will be launching a new website which is meant to be more accessible. 

In the meantime, we suggest that you utilize this blogsite in the following manner.

This HOME PAGE has been a WELCOME page (see below) which says to follow the listed lessons in order to learn to read and write Wosite. This is suitable for the serious student who has time for such close study.

We now suggest that Wosite beginners start with The Basics of Wosite, found here: 


and continue by following the links at the foot of the post to a series of Wosite Fundamentals beginning with  https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/wosite-fundamentals/.

To navigate this WoshiteWorld blogsite, on the right side of each page of WoshiteWorld are some selections. If interested in a certain topic, please use the SEARCH box. 

Next, to see the posts month by month, use ARCHIVES.

You may also click on one of the CATEGORIES.

And the most recent posts are given under RECENT POSTS.

We heartily invite you to post comments and/or to write to us at woshiteworld@wordpress.com. We’d love to hear from you.

With very best wishes that you stay safe and steadily continue on your path of growth. 

Okunomichi and WoshiteWorld

To Our Readers From Around the World:

August 2020. Hello again. We greet you in the midst of a global pandemic. We hope that you are staying safe and sane. We are in this together. We are here for each other. Thank you for being part of the WoshiteWorld Family!

This unexpected solitude is an opportunity for our inner development. We can contemplate what it means to be truly human. There are many teachers from distant past to present who are always sharing their wisdom with us. We have but to be silent and listen.

Wosite documents are full of wisdom recorded by great people for us, the modern generation. Our challenge is to make Wosite wisdom more accessible to people around the world. Many of you have found WoshiteWorld to be a living resource. You represent exactly100 countries over these four years. We are a mini United Nations. Together we celebrate our humanity.

One of the big lessons we learn from Wosite is appreciation for our ancestors who developed human civilization and preserved it sustainably for us in their future. In spite of difficulties among different cultures, they resolved their differences without resorting to violence. They made decisions in council, all people were considered equal. These decisions were made to align with Universe. That means, for humans to live compatibly with nature all around us. 

We wish to dispel the notion that past peoples were ignorant and crude. On the contrary, indigenous people were gracious, compassionate, and kind. They lived comfortably and had sufficient food supplies. They had time for leisure, for literature and music and the arts. 

As we today face our own difficulties, let us remember that we are all humans with the ability to be kind and loving, to help each other in times of need, and to share the abundance of life that we sow and reap together. We are a human family.

Welcome to the World of Woshite!

We welcome you to the world of Woshite. The world of Woshite existed three thousand and more years ago, on earth in the land of Awa-no-kuni. The world of Woshite exists even now in the hearts and minds of those who study and practice Woshite.

Amenaru Miti.  In the ideal world of Woshite, there is no separation by religion. There is only unity. There is a single way of life, Amenaru Miti. To live the way of Ama Universe is to harmonize with the Amenaru Miti: the Laws of Ama, the Laws of Universe.

A state of peace naturally prevails. When disturbances arise, the people turn to Ama for inspiration and decision-making in harmony with Nature and Universe.

In the world of Woshite, the concept of “heaven” does not appear. When people are in tune with Nature, they do not need to invent “heaven”.

Kami.  Similarly, there are no “gods”. There are people called “kami”. That word is often mistakenly translated as “gods” by others. We know kami to be real people who have attained a state of high consciousness of heart, mind, and behavior. A kami receives this title by consensus of the people that this person serves. Another type of kami is a great unseen Spirit such as Amemiwoya, or a powerful force of nature such as the sun. 

In the Woshite world, Spirit prevails. The people of Woshite knew that all life and all of the world comes from Spirit, Source of pure energy. It is the moving energy (vibration) that creates everything.

The wise people of the past knew about the vibrant Unseen World of energy long before today’s quantum physicists and string theorists.

The Study of Woshite Script

There is growing interest in documents written in the ancient Woshite script. This phenomenon occurs not only in its native land of Japan, but also in English-speaking countries and elsewhere. As a Russian site points out, Woshite may be useful as an international writing system.

What is Woshite?  Woshite is a systematic, analytically designed system conveying profound physical and philosophical principles.

Reading Woshite literature, we are led to a time in the distant past when people lived in harmony with each other, with nature, and with the rest of the universe.

Such a world is also timeless, and is accessible to us today and in the future.

Woshite text is composed in lines of five and seven syllables. Five and seven form the rhythm of Earth and Cosmos.

Reciting Woshite text out loud, especially the Awa-no-uta, is said to enhance communication between people and has health benefits as well.

For these reasons — or simply for the joy of it — we encourage you to learn to read Woshite and read the texts in the original. We will guide you.

Welcome to Woshite World!

Important Note:  To benefit best from this site, please first read About Woshite World http://wp.me/p6TKUT-6s  and then read the basic articles in the following numbered order.

The shortlink for this Welcome page is:  http://wp.me/P6TKUT-3   or use  https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/

About Woshite World:  http://wp.me/p6TKUT-6s

  1. Woshite Literature,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1s

1.1 References and Resources,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1w

1.2  The Sounds of the Vowels,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-4g

2. Wosite Syllabary,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-p

3.  Writing Wosite Characters,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1O

4.  A and the Originating Energy of Utuho-tai,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1T

4.1  Ama, Amakami, Amemiwoya,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-4H

5.   I Vowel and Repetitive Energy of Kase-tai,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-2z

5.1  Isanami and Imo,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-3G

6.  U Vowel and Generating Energy of Ho-tai,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1M

6.1  Motoake (Amoto) Creation of Universe,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-3k

7.  E Vowel and the Flowing Energy of Mitu-tai,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-2s

8.  O Vowel and the Completing Energy of Hani-tai,  http://wp.me/p6TKUT-2w

9.  Ma: Yama, Muma, Kuma — Mountains and Horses,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-2x

10.  Ametuti: Cosmos and Earth,   http://wp.me/p6TKUT-1b


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Woshite World!

  1. shaka

    Hi Wosite World .

    I really love this website , and appreciate all the work you have put into it .
    I was wondering if there was more wosite exercises i could do .
    I have been drawing the characters and have been chanting the Awanouta .

    Many thanks


  2. Okunomichi Post author

    Hello Shaka,

    Thanks for writing to WositeWorld. You’re already doing good work by drawing characters and chanting the Awanouta.

    You may want to review the symbolic meanings of the characters and the sounds of Wosite. All the vowels and consonants as written and spoken convey energy. So, seek to experience the energy in your practice.

    The best and simplest advice I have received from my aikido sensei about kototama practice is to do it with a pure heart of love and compassion, and sound the vowels and syllables from your hara.

    We’d like to invite other readers to share their own kototama practices.



  3. Santiago

    Thanks a lot for the wisdow offered here. I am an aikido instructor from argentina, studying and trying to understand kototama from the available sources in english (Gleason, Stevens, Nakazono, specially, ans some other scholars). I started this looking forward to write a deep work in spanish so that aikidokas from latin america can start practicing aikido in the spiritual, deep way I am convinced O Sensei looked forward it to work. Then I found this page and all of this knowledge given to us, people looking for light. Thanks a lot again, God bless you.


  4. Okunomichi Post author

    Santiago, Thank you for your kind comments. We have studied the same books, haven’t we? As you may know, there are other posts on Okunomichi.wordpress.com. It is wonderful, this spiritual work you are doing to continue O Sensei’s vision. Please let us know about your work in Spanish. You can send email to: WoshiteWorld@gmail.com. Very best wishes to you!


  5. Chinatsu Hamasuna

    Hello, I appreciate your great group work. Here’s the update of footsteps of Masamichi Shimada Sensei’s website: http://futomani.sakura.ne.jp/
    If you know it already, please skip it.

    I am deeply impressed with the milestone of his work through his interpretation from difficult Ogasawara Sensei’s study. Since I knew the encounter of those two precious souls near Zoshiki Station, which I am familiar with, Shimada Sensei became one of my spiritual guides to an unknown ancient world of mystery.

    You can also access with English translation of the treasure study of Kototama by Ogasawara Sensei’s work as below;

    Click to access passage3c.pdf

    Also, you can purchase Shimada Sensei’s books at;

    Click to access 202006-E697A2E5888AE69BB8E7B4B9E4BB8B.pdf

    Many thanks,
    Chinatsu Hamasuna


  6. Okunomichi Post author

    Hello Chinatsu Hamasuna,
    We owe YOU many thanks for bringing this update about Shimada Sensei to us. We are happy to know that his website is running, that we can download his Third Civilization in English, and we can still purchase his books. If you know of other kototama sources in English, would you please let us know? We would certainly appreciate it.


  7. Jean Taylor

    I participated in Kototama sessions with Nakazono Sensei in the 1970s. Ordinary human language is schizophrenic/hiruko? Kototama saved my sanity. Thank you for this website and information on Kototama. Domo arrigato gozaimatsu. A few weeks before Nakazono Sensei died, he came to me in a dream, indicating that he was leaving. I was dismayed. I asked him, “Who is going to teach the Kototama, then?” He replied, “There will be others”. In another dream, a few months after his “death”, I saw him in a dream talking with an old Indian at the edge of the Grand Canyon. He then walked to the edge of the Canyon, and entered a brilliant portal of white light and disappeared.


  8. Okunomichi Post author

    How fortunate we are to hear from a student of Nakazono Sensei about the beautiful dream you had after his passing. We would love to hear from you again. Perhaps you would write an article to post. You can email WoshiteWorld@gmail.com.  


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