Iwate Shrines of Seoritsuhime

DSC03537 Mt Iwate C

Seoritsuhime is the guardian spirit of rapids, rivers, and purification. She was also an accomplished woman of the Wosite World. Yamanomiya has posted a series of reports on Seoritsuhime shrines in Tono and Hanamaki, Iwate. The series begins with the post, Iwate Shrines of Seoritsuhime .

This post begins a series on eight shrines of Seoritsuhime in Iwate prefecture. At the core is a group of five related shrines in Tōno. They are as well connected geometrically, Genbu claims. There is a legend in Tōno about three sister megami (female kami). Three of the shrines represent the sisters, the fourth the mother. All are shrines of Seoritsuhime.

The sites visited include:

  • Kitakami River source: Yuhazu no Izumi at Mido Kannon, Iwate town
  • Sakuramatsu Jinja and Fudo Taki, Hachimantai
  • Ishigami Jinja, Tōno
  • Kamiwakare Jinja, Tōno
  • Hayachine Jinja, Tōno
  • Rokko-ushi Jinja, Tōno
  • Izu Jinja, Tōno
  • Tsuzuki Ishi, Connected Rocks, Tōno
  • Hayachine Jinja, Hanamaki